Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Process - fotos by Kamachi Masae

Looking for Junkos**

1) Do you smoke/drink?
2) Do you play any musical instrument?
3) Attached, married or single?
4) First thing you do when you open your eyes
5) Who is the first person you meet in the morning?
6) Please describe that person.
7) What is the first thing you do in the work place?
8) Describe the first person you meet in office.
9) First word you say to your colleagues.
10) Describe your actions in the toilet.
11) How do you have your lunch? With whom?
12) Why do you eat alone/with colleagues?
13) What animal is the closest to your personality?

14) Give 5 characteristics/quality of this animal.
15) If you can be a different animal, what would it be?
16) What do you think about when you are eating?
17) When it is sunny, what do you think about?
18) When it is raining, what do you think about?
19) What is your favourite colour and why?
20) What are you afraid of in life?
21) What makes you happy or is important in your life?
22) What is the worst thing you did as a child?
23) What is the worst thing you did as an adult?
24) What is the most hurtful thing someone you love said to you?
25) What is the worst thing you said to your lover?
26) What do you love about Fukuoka?

27) What do you hate about Fukuoka?
28) What/who is your greatest love in life?
29) What/who is your regret love in life?
30) Describe one of your dreams.
31) a) Describe your desires b) describe your sexual fantasy
32) What would you do if you can’t achieve these desires/fantasies?
33) Who is your closest family member?
34) How would you feel if this person disappears from your life?
35) Two years from now, how do you see yourself?
36) If you can decide how to end your life, how would you like to die?
37) What would you do or say before you die?
38) When you close your eyes, what is the first image that comes to your mind if you realize that you can’t open your eyes again?

Looking for Momos^^

1) Work? Full time or part time?
2) Attached or single?
3) Live with family or alone or with friends?
4) Do you smoke/drink/take drugs?
5) Do you go clubbing or to bars?
6) Hobbies?
7) Have you been in a relationship before?
8) How long was the relationship?
9) What do you look for in a relationship?
10) Why did the relationship ended?
11) Why do you live alone/with your family?
12) Who is your closest family member?
13) What if this person disappears forever?
14) Who is the person in the family that you have the most conflict with?
15) What kind of conflict?
16) What do you do when you are alone?
17) How do you see yourself two years from now?

18) Do you believe in god?
19) What is your ambition or desire for the future?
20) Are you looking for a boyfriend? / Can you live alone all your life?
21) Who do you trust the most?
22) Do you have siblings?
23) Status of your parents’ marriage?
24) What is your sexual desire/fantasy?
25) What is the worst thing you did as a child?
26) Have you liked or loved someone before?
27) What goes through your mind at that time?
28) What was the worst thing you did to someone you love?
29) When is the period that you are free or have free time?
30) What makes you cry? When was the last time you cried?
31) What does love mean to you?
32) What is the feeling of floating mean to you?
33) What is the most dangerous thing that you have done in your life?
34) What do you think is your role on this earth?
35) Describe a dream that you will always remember/recall.

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